The Lots-A-Loot progressive online slot machine is part of the Microgaming Progressive Games line-up.

The Lots-A-Loot is a 3 Reel, 5 Payline slot. The machine takes up to 5 coins.

The Lots-A-Loot is light on symbols. There are Bars (one, two, and three bars), and 7’s. That’s it, except for the Lots-A-Loot symbol.

The Lots-A-Loot symbol is a doubling wild. That means it not only completes winning combinations on a payline, it doubles their value. If there is one Lots_A-Loot symbol, the combo is worth twice what it says in the payout table. If there are two Lots-A-Loot symbols, the winning combination is completed, and is worth FOUR times the value stated in the payout table.

Line up three Lots-A-Loot symbols, and the winnings really start pouring in. The jackpot is unlocked when three Lots-A-Loot symbols line up across the 5th payline.

The coin size on the machine is set at $.50. Since there are 5 paylines, and the jackpot can only be won on the fifth payline, a jackpot spin will cost $2.50.

Lots-A-Loot jackpots range from as “little” as $4,000 to as much as $100,000. The machine has been known to pay off anywhere in between. The machine is carried by dozens of Microgaming casinos, so there are plenty of players continuously adding to the jackpot.

You can take a crack at the Lots-A-Loot jackpot for free. The following casinos offer NO deposit welcome bonuses, that can be used to play the Lots-A-Loot. Take a few spins, and if the reels fall right, the winnings are yours. If nothing lines up, the coins were on the house anyway!

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4 Free Spins on the Lots-A-Loot – or $10 for whatever games you’d like. Free.

6 Free spins on the Lots-A-Loot – or $15 in chips with No Deposit Required.

4 Free Spins on the Lots-A-Loot – or $10 free. No Deposit Required.