The Jackpot Dueces progressive video poker machine is part of the Microgaming Progressive Games line-up.

The Jackpot Dueces is a video poker machine that mimics the Dueces Wild payout schedule.

Like perhaps all progressive machines, players are required to play max coins (bet) in order to have a chance to win the progressive jackpot. In the case of the Jackpot Dueces, this means playing five coins.

The hand that unlocks the jackpot is the Royal Flush of Diamonds, similar to the CyberStud Progressive Poker game.

The Jackpot Dueces has paid out as “little” as $16,000 and as much as $100,000. That means the jackpot can be hit anywhere along the way. There are dozens of Microgaming casinos that carry Jackpot Dueces, so there are players at many different casinos constantly contributing to the jackpot total. And, as expected, when the jackpot is higher, more players are playing. That often means the higher the jackpot, the faster it grows.

You can take a few shots at the progressive jackpot on the Jackpot Dueces machine for free. The following casinos offer FREE NO deposit bonuses to new players. Take advantage of their hospitality to get in some plays on the machine. If the cards fall your way, you win. If the cards fall short, you were playing with the house’s money anyway!

$10 Free that you can use to play Jackpot Dueces for real money rewards. Free.

$15 in FREE chips with No Deposit Required.

$10 Free with No Deposit Required.