The Fruit Fiesta online slot machine is part of the Microgaming Progressive Games line-up.

The Fruit Fiesta is a 3 Reel, 3 Coin, 3 Payline slot machine.

The symbols on the machine reflect the fruits theme, and include Plums, Oranges, and Pineapples, along with traditional Bells, and a selection of Bars and 7’s. The best symbol to find is the Fruit Fiesta symbol. It is a wild symbol and will complete a winning payline.

The Fruit Fiesta symbol is more than just a wild. It is a winner in it’s own right. One Fruit Fiesta wins, no matter what the other symbols on the payline are. Two Fruit Fiestas wins even more. And of course, three Fruit Fiestas bring in the big rewards. Three across the bottom payline hits the progressive jackpot.

The coins size on the machine is locked at $.25, which means that even on a limited bankroll, you can still play the Fruit Fiesta. A full play on the slot will cost a whopping $.75. Always play max coins. On a progressive machine this is often the only way to have a shot at winning the big jackpot.

This slot is filled with different symbols, winning combos, including two symbols that are themselves automatic winners. It is a Three Payline, so there are also more chances to line up those winnning combos. The coin size is very reasonable, especially for a progressive slot. Becasue of the low coin size, the jackpots won’t climb as high as they do on dollar machines, but when you can play for quarters and end up winning $60,000, there is not much room for complaining.

You can take a shot or two, or 26 on the Fruit Fiesta, for free by taking advantage of the NO deposit bonuses at the following casinos.

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13 Free Spins on the Fruit Fiesta – or $10 for whatever games you’d like. Free.

20 Free spins on the Fruit Fiesta – or $15 in chips with No Deposit Required.

13 Free Spins on the Fruit Fiesta – or $10 free. No Deposit Required.