Boss Media Casinos are the favorites of online Blackjack players worldwide. They also offer the incredible Killer Whale 5 Reel slot machine.

Boss casinos seemed to be much more popular when villento online casino gaming was first starting out. I used to play regularly at boss casinos, but now I'm no longer a regular. Not because Boss casinos did anything wrong, more likely because other casinos were doing more of the things I was interested in.

Obviously, this may not be the case with everyone. Some of the things that Boss does include offer gaming in a multi-player environment. You can sit with other players, sharing the same blackjack or roulette table. This is something you can't do at say, a microgaming casino. So, if you're interested in multi-player casino gaming, some Boss casinos should be on your list.

The company is obviously reputable, being traded on a public stock exchange. See their website. The Wizard of Odds describes the liscencees of Boss this way: "I don't know how they do it but Boss Media picks its casino owners very well. All of them all solid organizations. As far as I know the number of Boss Media casinos that have gone bad is zero. If you are looking for a safe place put put your money you can't go wrong with a Boss casino."

That being said, Ace King Club was an active Boss Media Casino, and they have since ceased their operations. Perhaps they closed so they can re-open with a different gaming software, perhaps not. They did indeed give anyone associated with the casino advanced notice, and I was able to withdraw my funds without any incident. So, if that was a worst-case scenerio, I certainly feel safe in dealing with Boss casinos.